Banking Law

  • Loan Finance Agreement
  • Encumbrances and Securities
  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Guarantees
  • Letters of Credit
  • Financial and Lending Instruments
  • Advising Commercial Banks and giving opinions on any issue around Banking Law


Our service Charter is very important to the success and sustainability of our business. It is our bible. It defines who we are and our modus operandi in servicing our valued clients. In this highly competitive business, our Service Charter is the only tool and weaponry that will set us apart and differentiate us from any other law firm.

1) Key reality : We won't know the answer right away a lot of the time. It is therefore perfectly reasonable and highly responsible of us to request adequate time to research and consider options before offering potential solutions. We shall respond within twenty four (24) hours.

2)We understand that our clients come to us for solutions, but they don't usually expect quick-fixes (you have probably tried those before consulting us).

3) We take time required to really "listen" to our clients, understand what the world looks like through their eyes, and communicate our understanding of their needs, along with our objective, professional point of view in "plain English". We use an approach that clients can and will assimilate.  We are human.

4) We read between the lines. We are diplomatic, but ask tough questions. We give bad news where we must, but offer reassurance, support and workable advice in all circumstances.

5) We are careful about unscrupulous clients. We Say "no" when our ethical thermometer tells us to.

6) We keep our clients in the loop by regular reports through email, telephone and written reports. There is no reasons for our clients to be uninformed by us. It is bad lawyering and bad business. It leads to misunderstanding and loss of confidence by client.

7) We do not miss limitation dated. We institute a fickler or diarised reminder system.

8) We will prepare and be prepared when it is "show time", and be ready. Judges can tell if an attorney is fumbling for information and so can clients and everyone in the court. There is no substitute for preparation and thoroughness